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Lesson Packages


Horse training and exercise rides or lunging sessions for your horse can be scheduled with Madi Sodowsky for:


Training rides/exercise sessions:

$30.00/30 min


Lunging: $20.00 per session

  • Kathy and Madi offer lead line, beginner and intermediate/advanced lessons in equitation, dressage and hunter/jumper.

  • Lead line classes for ages 5-7.  These are 20 minute sessions specifically designed to develop balance and confidence in the young rider.  $30.00 

  • Beginner/basic horsemanship for ages 7-100+.  These are 30-45 minute sessions focused on safe horse handling and development of balance and basic equitation.  $40-$55.


  • Intermediate/Advanced dressage and hunter/jumper lessons.  These are 30-45 minute sessions focused on challenging the rider to think past the basics and move safely and confidently up the levels of their sport.  $40-$55.


  • Please allow at least 20 minutes before the lesson to tack up if you are taking an intermediate/advanced lesson add another 20 minutes or so afterwards for any lesson to clean equipment and the horse and take notes to reflect on during the week.

Trailering In: 
  • If you want to trailer in for a lesson or clinic, you must provide a copy of Coggins and vaccination record to management in advance, sign a "Hold Harmless" agreement and pay a small usage fee of $15.00 to RREC.
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