Boarding Options 

RREC is a great facility for you and your horse!  With indoor and outdoor arenas as well as trails through 100 acres of forest and pasture, there are lots of opportunities for you to enjoy your horse.


We require proof of vaccinations to bring a horse into our facility and a Coggins test annually.  We also require that all horses at our facility be vaccinated at the same time each spring and fall in coordination with a veterinarian.  Worming is done as needed based on fecal parasite count.  Please contact Kathy for an application and interview if you are interested in joining our equestrian family!

Full Board ($500/month)


- 12'x12' matted stall; One item of horse clothing per season (sheet or fly mask)

- Individual Tack Locker; Indoor wash stall w/ hot & cold water

- Bathroom with shower; Stables heated to @43°F in winter

- Hay fed twice daily; Water lines run in stalls and pastures

- Daily turnout in small herds, 4-6 horses depending on herd dynamics, in grass pastures; dry lot for special needs horses or as required seasonally (limited)

- Raised lounge with view of the indoor arena

Field Board ($350/month)


We offer a limited number of field board openings.  The horse owner is expected to provide a sheet/blanket for use during severe weather.  Hay is fed to supplement grazing.  Grain is twice once a day.  Run-in is free access in pasture.


Hay and Feed


Much of our hay is cut here on the farm!  It is a mix of mostly timothy and orchard grass with small amounts of clover and trefoil to increase protein content.  A full hay analysis is available upon request, we have some of the best hay for horses in the area!  Hay is provided up to 4 times a day based on the season.   We provide a basic line of Tribute products with some specific options for performance based add-ons; supplements are provided by the horse owner.  We recommend SmartPak supplements.

RREC Facilities


- Stalls cleaned daily; bedding provided

- 80'x160' indoor arena with jump ceilings

- 100'x200' outdoor arena and outdoor round pen

- 5 turnout pastures with run-ins, @4 acres each for herd turnout

- Horses are turned out everyday for a minimum of 5 hours

- Heated lounge; Stables heated to 43°F in winter


Work Calls*


We periodically have a voluntary Saturday work call usually from 9:00 to noon followed by a potluck meal.  These may be Spring Cleaning, clearing trails, or for special events such as a show or clinic.  This is intended as an opportunity to spend some time together as part of a horse-lover community and make RREC a better place for both horses and riders!