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Natalia Martin

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Clinic Date: 

Nov 4- Nov 5 2023

Natalia Martin has been riding horses since the age of four and training them at the professional level for over 20 years. From the very beginning, the fundamentals of dressage were instilled in all aspects of Natalia's riding career, even though her days as an eventer in Pony Club. As Natalia matured and realized her true potential in the dressage arena, she began to base her training fundamentals around teaching her clients how to work as one with their horses. Natalia has always had a knack for making dressage fun while helping the riders to develop a trusting relationship with their mounts.
Natalia has not forgotten where she came from and loves to work with different breeds, and riders at varying levels of experience and ability. While continuing to bring horses and riders up the levels, she also believes in cross training to aid the horses in keeping a sound mind and body. In doing this, Natalia is able to maintain a challenging and focused environment while encouraging the horses and riders to meet their goals while having fun.  She feels the key to a successful partnership is by making sure that you and your equine partner enjoy the process and journey. 
Honing in on the rider's strengths and weaknesses allows Natalia to aid her students in becoming a confident, strong, and balanced rider while maintaining a soft, quiet, and effortless appearance.
Natalia believes that Dressage is the foundation for all disciplines and it shouldn't be thought of as a separate discipline until the higher levels, because the lower levels are about building the foundation.  If you take the time to build a strong foundation, you and your horse will excel!

Natalia's Top Credentials:

  • International Grand Prix Rider

  • Puerto Rican National Judge

  • Member of the Puerto Rican Dressage Team

  • Represented Puerto Rico and qualified for many international Games

  • USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist

  • Several FEI, USDF, and GAIG wins

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from George Mason University

"There is no partnership like the one between a horse and rider. Dressage is an art that allows you to become one with these amazing creatures. It truly is "The Art of Riding."- Natalia Martin

Patrick King


     Passionate about dressage and classical equestrian ideals, Patrick King seeks the wisdom of the great riding masters- both past and present- and shares this knowledge with his students. Patrick has devoted his life to learning and teaching great horsemanship. Patrick’s hobby developed into a business starting colts and working with challenging horses. His colt starting and problem-solving work afforded him opportunities to ride and collaborate with some of the best horsemen and women in the industry including Tom Curtin, Craig Johnson, Richard Winters, Wendy Murdoch, John Lyons, Mary Flood, Guy McLean, Mark Russell, and many more.  Along this journey, Patrick met several dressage trainers including Mark Russell, a student of Master Nuno Oliveira, who brought many new ideas and set Patrick down another path in his horsemanship journey by introducing an understanding of the biomechanics of the horse and the influence that it has on feel and timing.  Patrick currently takes lessons with Julio Mendoza, an FEI rider based in North Carolina and spends a month each year working with Master Luis Valenca in Portugal, who is widely regarded as the greatest living practitioner of classical dressage in the world today. Patrick has ridden and trained horses in the Grand Prix movements, advanced in-hand work, and haute ecole.    

J&J Fischetti


Jonathon and Joseph founded Reflecting Heaven Stables (RHS) in 2005 and continue full time operations as trainers and instructors to this day. At RHS, they strive to instill in their riders the theories of good horsemanship and classical/ balanced seat riding across a variety of disciplines, specializing in the American System of Forward Riding. Because of their diligence and perseverance, Reflecting Heaven Stables outgrew its humble beginnings at their Springs, PA location. In the summer of 2011, RHS opened a new facility which offered 16 stalls for boarding, indoor and outdoor arenas and expanded lesson and training programs. In the summer of 2013, they added 7 additional stalls to increase the number of horses to 23. It is the hope of Jonathon and Joseph to continue to develop Reflecting Heaven Stables into a business that serves its clients with integrity, gives back to their community and offers young and old the equine experiences of a lifetime. As of 2018 Jonathon and Joseph have proudly become USHJA Certified Trainers- adding to their resume.

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